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Monday, March 18, 2013


Late last week I found out that my publisher has been sold to another company. (Well not the woman who was my publisher, but her company, this is not a blog about human trafficking.) 

To be honest I have mixed feelings about this. I enjoyed being able to say "my publisher" and I worked with many wonderful people in the company, but I have also given into my independent wild child and have already taken the plunge into self-publishing.

To be honest, my age has a lot to do with my decision, to self-publish. It takes a lot of time to submit your work to a publisher and it can take a very long time before you receive a response. Then it can take up to a year or more before your book is ever sees the public. I like the instant gratification I get when I put a book up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and itunes. 

There are many advantages to having a publisher. One of them is the community of writers that is built around the publisher.

Through my publisher we had an active author's loop. We weren't allowed to promote or even talk about books coming out through another publisher (that includes self-published works). That was understandable, but we were not supposed to include the books in our signature either. That was a little more difficult to obey. We all tended to have automatic signatures with our books and social media addies in them.

It was sad watching the goodbyes on the loop. People were promising to keep in touch and trying to record the contact information of others. It felt like the end of the movie Grease!!!

And then, one brilliant woman started a yahoo group! No more sad goodbyes.

However, it was sad taking my books down from here and my website. Don't worry, they'll be back in a few months, with new covers and maybe even a friend or two. (Spirit Board is still available and The Counterfeit Bride will be released on April 1.)

In the meantime, I hope you will stop by my new website!!books/cnec 

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  1. Your comment about the age-thing weighs heavily on me - but in all honestly, it is only because it's pretty constant anyway. It's not just my age, but also the fact that there are "beaucoup" young writers out there trying to do what old farts like me are trying to do.

    On another note, I clicked on a link at the bottom of your website that said "follow me," thinking I would be following "you" not the web designer!

    Oh well, it's all good -right?

  2. Thank you, R.A.

    The age thing is something that occurs to us all at various times. I remember once when I hadn't even reached my mid-twenties yet, and an afternoon talk show showcased all these teenagers who had accomplished so much. While I was working in deadend jobs, taking care of my grandmother and my three children. I thought I was a failure because I had not yet accomplished my dream.

    Now many years later I have accomplished my dream and realize that I am much better at the craft now than I was was then.

    (The follow me button for the blog is in the sidebar to the right. It says, "Join this site".)

  3. I'm only 40, but even I hate the long waiting times, so you're not alone there. lol I wasn't a part of your publishing company, though I'm sorry to hear they got bought out. I followed your link from the group site. It's amazing, isn't it, the friends we make along the way. I've met some incredible people along my writing journey, and Vonnie's one of them. She's created a group that's already starting to feel like a family. :)

  4. Hang in there honey! You'll get your book back up and it will be awesome. I'm so excited to be a part of the new loop where I'm already meeting a ton of new people who are both sweet and supportive. I couldn't ask for more! We are all here supporting you.

    I am 27 and only began writing about two years ago. Life since has never been the same, and like you, I wouldn't let one of my babies just die if the publisher went under. My mom always says, "You have to be brave to get old." I'm not so sure there is such a thing anymore--getting old, I mean--because I've met women in their golden years with more energy than I have, and more talent in their finger than I have in my entire body. You're going to do great. I just know it!

  5. Liberty, I never had the honor of being one of your editors at SMP. But I met so many lovely and talented writers, eager to learn what little bit I had to share with them. I've found in the 3 years since by debut book came out that writers are THE most supportive band of people out there. Ask a question on a loop and you'll get a gazillion answers. Last year when I had cancer removed from one of my saliva glands--a 4-hour operation--the support from my "writerly sistahs" was phenomenal. I mean simply fantastic. How can I not love writers after that?

    Good luck to you in your indie venture. My husband, who is also a published author, is going indie with his next book. In my opinion, you're both very brave. Cheers to both of you.

    To any visiting writers not in our yahoo support/promotional loop, shoot me an email with Yahoo Loop in the subject line and I'll send you an invite to Vonnie_Davis_for_Romance. I'd started it for romance writers, but it's quickly grown to include YA, mystery, paranormal and women's lit writers. We have writers from Canada, the States, England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand. Some wrote for SMP, Etopia, The Wild Rose Press, Crimson Rose, Omnific, Harlequin and more...and many are self-pubbed. You're more than welcome to join. Email me at

  6. I know what ya mean about sad to see the stories go down but we're moving onward and upward. I have to say that I quit posting on the SMP loop because I DID have an auto signature and could never remember to cut it. After a couple of hand spattings, I just decided to keep mum- which is hard for me because you're right, the SMP people were awesome and I made some super friends there- including you, my dear.