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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Today I released my first Small Town Romance, and not the Greek Billionaire everyone has been waiting for.

I have been as nervous as a young man in an old black and white movie. Pacing around and worrying. Even after the nurse had assured me that things were going well, I couldn't stop worrying.

Then late tonight a reader wrote to tell me she had just finished the book and would post a review tomorrow.

She "LOVED" it. 

The relief was overwhelming. I had been so afraid no one would like the hero, the heroine, or the story, and here was a woman who had read the book in one night and couldn't wait to tell me how much she liked it. 

The kind words of the reader made all the labor pains worth it. After all, we always feel better when someone admires out babies.

Will he leave with her heart or her heritage?

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