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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What the . . .

On Saturday I attended a memorial service for a dear friend's brother. I dressed in what I considered an appropriate manner for a visit to a church. (My dear old sainted Granny would have approved.)

On my way home I had to pass a certain chain store. On moral principles I don't like to go to that store, but as a matter of practicality, I must. I needed some storage boxes. (It's time to start putting away the winter stuff!) So I pulled into the parking lot.

I had to park at the far end of the lot, but even the high winds didn't cause me any dismay, since I like the wind. It just meant I had to hold my long skirt down, and I left my cloche in the car. 

Yes, Saturday was the day before Easter, but even that doesn't explain the chaos in the store. The shelves were in disarray, the aisles were impassable, the people were rude. The store was understaffed.

Plus they didn't have the size boxes I needed!!!

However, none of that deterred me. I managed to find several unplanned items to buy. I arrived at the check-out registers and as I pushed my cart into line a nasty empty-handed woman ran in front of me and her much slower husband followed a few moments later with a filled shopping cart which he shoved between me and the woman. He couldn't fit and he stuck out in the aisle  like a bully shoving his way into the lunch line in middle school. (It was an express line.)

They were ruining my good mood. (In spite of the solemn occasion I had attended, it had been a pleasant day to spend remembering the past with friends. The sun was shining. I was out of the house alone!!!) In order to curb my impulse to be rude to the nasty line cutters, I moved over to another line.

I was friendly and smiling at my cashier. To my amazement and what is probably a once in a lifetime thing, (for that store) all my items rang up at the correct prices, and I was leaving the store still happy.

As I approached the doors a worker in a blue shirt stepped forward. I was surprised because usually they greet you on your way into the store, not out of it. I smiled at the woman and would have kept walking, but the woman approached me and apologetically asked to see my receipt.

I smiled at her and though mystified, I complied.

I didn't have any electronics that would set off the buzzers. I didn't have any big ticket items. (The most expensive thing I had bought was a fairy tutu and wings for my Little Princess.) And my purse was so small I could barely fit my NOOK into it. But I pulled the receipt out of a bag and showed it to her.

In the meantime, all the people who were shopping in their pajama pants or holey sweats walked by unmolested by the greeter.

Had I been picked to be inspected because my silky skirt and combed hair weren't normal wear for the store?

Was this reverse profiling?


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