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Monday, July 14, 2014

Duke of Darkness

Anabelle Bryant has created a wonderful, tortured hero. The Duke of Wharncliffe believes his line should end with him, so he has been very careful not to get involved with anyone he might fall in love with.

When his elderly aunt dies he is asked to find a suitable match for her ward "Alex". 

To his great consternation Alex is not the young boy he expected but a lovely young woman. 

When the woman, who has been unknowingly groomed by his aunt, challenges him to a chess match. Their friendship begins.

The Duke is tortured by his family history, but not to the point where he cannot be redeemed.

The story is well written and brings you right into the characters, you can hear Just Henry racing through the corridors, his nails clacking on the marble floors.

It is a lovely love story and you shouldn't miss it.