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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Yesterday Was Veterans Day

In the United States we celebrate military veterans on November 11th.

Some towns hold small parades and have a bugler play taps at the town's war memorial. 

Old men sell paper poppies outside of box stores. Once upon a time people proudly wore them on their lapels, but lapels are no longer common wear on Veterans Day, because Veterans Day is a day off from work for many, with the exception of food service workers, retailers, and car salesmen, and lapels are no longer in fashion on non-work days.

On FaceBook people proudly display pictures of their veterans in uniform and we all thank them for their service.

We all acknowledge they are heroes.

However, in America we have many forgotten heroes. The ones we walk around in the parks, step over in the early morning hours when they are still sleeping in doorways or under store awnings in large cities, or avoid their encampments when they are camping out in a local park or copse of woods.

They are the lost.

They are the forgotten.

They are the homeless.

Not all homeless people are veterans, but many of the homeless are.

Years ago when I used to go into Boston I brought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in my bag, and anyone who approached me looking for a handout received a sandwich, and if they were lucky a juice box. 

But I don't go into Boston often anymore and when I do carrying a large bag filled with sandwiches and juice boxes doesn't work well with my walking staff.

Me and my stick with cover model and friend Vikkas Bhardwaj.

I spent yesterday making hats for the homeless. On Tuesday, November 22nd I am going out with a group called Project Do Something Boston (a grassroots action group). It is a group of people who have gathered together to feed the people living on the streets of Boston, many of whom are veterans.

I am making dozens and dozens of hard boiled eggs to add to the food to be handed out, plus I am bringing the hats that I made yesterday and in the past few weeks.

My hats are simple and similar, with nothing to fancy them up. Pompoms or tassels are a waste of yarn that can be used in another hat. No yarn is wasted. When a ball gets too small to make a hat, I use it to make stripes in another hat. No yarn goes to waste.

Two weeks ago I mailed out fifty (50) hats to agencies that will distribute them in one of the poorest communities in the United States. I wish I could have sent more, but I ran out of postage money.

Since then I have been dedicating the hats I am making to the local homeless.

I am almost out of yarn and I am out of money for more yarn.

Please keep your fingers crossed that I have enough hats for all the people I meet on the 22nd. In the meantime, my fingers are working away on more hats.

I used Stitch Studio by Nicole Chateau yarn.
Super bulky (6) 

If you would like to help Project Do Something Boston here is the link to their wish list.

I know with the holiday season quickly approaching there are dozens of charities begging for your donation, but there are none as needy as the homeless and considering that so many of them that are homeless are veterans, they have earned our help.