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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The word "look"

Thanks to Penny Watson for tagging me in the LOOK Challenge. The rules of this challenge are as follows....

1. Do a search in your current WIP for the word "look."

2. Include text before and after.

3. Tag some other authors to join in the challenge.

I am tagging Heather Peters, L.t. Camlann, Jillian Chantal, Liv Rancourt, and Darlene Fredette Author.

I am currently working on Spirit Board which will be released for Halloween.

“Not much of a costume you got on. With that attitude I’d say you are going for, a modern day witch?” Dark blue eyes twinkled at her from above. The man was a giant. He had to be at least a foot taller than her.

Sara Jane inhaled sharply. His blue eyes and crooked smile did not take the edge off his insult.  “Sorry, sweetheart, you obviously have confused your consonants.  I believe you meant bitch, with a B.”

“No, I’ve been inside. Vanessa was looking for a homemade Ouija board when she sent me out and you look like one of those girls from Charmed. More subdued and librarianish, but I can see you using magick to kick butt.” The guy grinned at her.

“Does a line like that get you very far with women?” If Vanessa touched her spirit board bad things were going to happen, especially on tonight, of all nights.

“I don’t know, I’ve never tried it before. Is it getting me anywhere with you?”

 His grin turned cocky and warmed her in places she hadn’t felt tingle in a long time. The niggle of warmth deep in her belly set warning bells of in Sara Jane’s head. It may be interesting to get to know this guy better, but not tonight. She had to save her spirit board from the profane hands of Vanessa Sterling and get her out of the condo before any damage was done. Against her will, a smile touched her lips. Sara repressed it quickly and said in a stern voice, “You had better leave now. The party is over.”

Before he could answer she stormed into the apartment, closing the door firmly behind her. The room was packed with costumed people, Vanessa nowhere in sight.


  1. Halloween is a glorious time of year!

    Thank you, Penny, for including me in the "look".