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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Father Time

Welcome Father Time to the Spellroom.

Thank you, Liberty, for inviting me here today. 

What is your job now that the Baby New Year is here?

So many people just think of me as an old man who disappears when Baby New Year enters the picture, but there are always lingering issues and projects which must be taken care of. They're still here, and so am I. I cannot retire until the old stuff is truly wrapped up and put aside. 

I wish I could spend the winter on a tropical island. Maui is my favorite. I love to surf. Maui has wonderful surfing and I get to ogle all the bikini babes. But until everything from 2012 is wrapped up, I'm still shuffling around with my walking staff and a lantern, trying to light the way for the laggards.

What advise would you give to Baby New Year?

Baby, make sure your folks stick to their goals for the year and give them an incentive to complete their goals while you are still young enough to enjoy the surfing. If your people are still sticking to their goals and resolution when you hit your teens in the spring, there is a good chance they can make it all the way, but the tricky time is between your teens and middle age, which hits in the summer. People tend to fall off schedule when they find more interesting things to do like mow the lawn or go to the lake. You just have to help them through the middle age slump and you can start to smell the board wax. Otherwise, next December 31st all the leftovers get rolled over to Father Time and bog us down for another year. 

Do you know that there are some people that are still working on goals from the 1950s? I mean really people! Join PA (Procrastinators Anonymous) and get completion, or just drop the old goals. Baby New Year gives you a chance to move on with your life, and this Father Time really wants to wax up his board and hang ten!

Wow! That is really strong!

Not really. There are too many people wishing their lives away and not doing anything active to make it happen. 

Human's are so lucky. They can do anything they want. They can fly in the air (hot air balloons, airplanes, gliders), they can swim with the fish, they can climb the highest peaks, and yet there are so many that choose to sit on their duffs and say, "why me?".

People, you want something, make it happen, and soon. I want to ride my board and hang with the Wahine Nani (pretty girls)!

What is the saddest thing you have ever heard?

I wish I had . . .

The solution is simple. If you want to do something, find a way to do it, but make sure you find a legal way to do it. I'm not visiting you in jail, it's bad juju.

You were humming a song when you walked into the Spell Room, what was it?

It was the saddest song I know, "If I Could Turn Back Time". 

Stop living in the past and live your life to the fullest in the present. There is no reason to mope. There is so much ahead for those who live life now. Do not wait for another Baby New Year or Father Time to pass through your life. Work for what you want now!

Thanks for having me, Liberty.

Do you have to leave so soon?

Surfs up! Gotta go wiki wiki! 


Ah, thank you, Father Time. I'll hang your robe in the closet until your next visit. Nice board shorts.


  1. Very entertaining blog, Liberty, especially now, as I find myself skimming through all the repetitive and expected themes of blogs that I force myself to read; themes like goals, resolutions and commitments. "Follow through" is my theme for the day - for each day of 2013.

    Again, your blog was a great example of utilizing unique ways to capture and hold the reader's interest and the "trickery" I hope to employ in the future. It almost brings tears to my eyes as I read it following my meditations on my desires and the future I am trying to envision.

    Many wishes for happy writing in 2013.

  2. Cute post. I love me some sufer dudes! I agree with all the things you and Father Time discussed. I hope his message gets to the masses. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, Jillian. It was fun having a visit with Father Time. He really takes his surfing seriously.

  3. "Do not wait for another Baby New Year or Father Time to pass through your life. Work for what you want now!'

    You go Father Time!

  4. You know, Jennifer, for a man with a long gray beard, he was really quite buff in those board shorts. I guess surfing is really good for him. ;~}}