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Friday, August 23, 2013

Facebook Events

Yesterday my dear friend Maeve Christopher held a Facebook event to celebrate the release of her latest book, Last Tangle in Paris. (I don't have a copy of the cover in my computer so I borrowed this from Amazon. If you want to look inside click on the link below the picture. 

I have been to other events, where the messages have been flying fast and furious and felt lost and bewildered.

However, I had promised Maeve to not only be there, but to be an active participant by being "on" for two separate hours. Then to increase my anxiety, two more of my friends said they would also take an hour. One of whom I promised to "help" and "hold her hand" until she felt comfortable. It was truly a case of bravado on my part.

Anyway, because I had promised Maeve, and a good friend never goes back on her promise if she can help it, I girded my loins and went into the event a little early. Just to get the hang of it before I had to become the hand holder.

It was a fantastic experience. I jumped into several threads and went into full par-tay mode. The comments were coming fast and furious, but I was having a great time. By the time Karen Frisch came on. I felt confident enough to hold her hand. Only she was fabulous and didn't need my help.

My other friend ran into computer/internet problems. She wasn't able to maintain a connection, so Super Liberty stayed, even though by this time I was dancing on the tables with a lampshade for a hat. And I have found a new cohort!!! Layla Darnell!

(I believe there are two new funds set up, Layla & Liberty's Bail and Layla & Liberty's Defense Fund. Yes, we were definitely having a wild time! It involves chimps and cement ponds, don't ask.)

When it was my turn to have a contest I had to admit that I needed a tagline for The Counterfeit Bride. I am really bad at writing taglines, so I completely blocked it out. Then when I was asked to run a game or contest (and everyone at our meeting gave their taglines) I suddenly remembered the gap I had in my promotion file.

I received some really funny ones like "Stop the wedding I want to get off" (from Maeve's heroine Glori) to Donna Porter's "Kiss me quick Theron before I turn into my cousin".

I also received some taglines that will work really well and I plan on using in promotions.

Will Cassidy let her cousin steal her name, her parents, AND the Greek Tycoon? Not without a fight!
Barnes & Noble:

Thanks to Maeve Christopher I have overcome my fear of events, and I will be having one in November (if Maeve will agree to be my manager and social director) to celebrate the release (finally!) of Christmas Lights.

Party ON!