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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Motorcycles, Accidents, and Fate

Saturday was a wonderful day! I participated in a friends book release event, went to a Rhode Island Romance Writers meeting, and then dinner and chit chat with a wonderful friend visiting from Florida.

On the way home from dinner I realize my old ten dollar flip phone needed to be replaced. I had planned to jump off the highway to grab another cheapie, but I missed the exit. I considered getting off at the next exit and back tracking, but decided the new phone could wait until the next day.

I arrived home only to find no one there. I went upstairs and put my stuff away. I was in the process of talking to my daughter's voice mail when she and the two Little Guys came in all excited about their day of apple picking. (This was no longer than five minutes after I had arrived home.)

They hugged and kissed me and went directly into the bathroom for a bath. I was just turning on the television when I heard a crash right outside my house. I looked out my window and saw a huge pick-up truck in my garden and about two feet from the side of the house. A police motorcycle was standing next to it, and the police officer was hovering over a man's body that was trapped under another motorcycle at the end of my driveway. (This was less than five minutes after my daughter and the Little Guys had arrived home.)

From what I learned later, the motorcycle had crashed into the truck across the street and knocked it up and halfway across the sidewalk. The truck in my yard had been coming up the hill when the motorcycle hit the other truck and the bike and rider were now heading directly for the new truck. He swerved and drove onto my sidewalk and into the yard.

Fortunately the driver had great reflexes and not only avoided hitting the motorcycle and rider, he also missed hitting my house. (Some of my flowers were hurt, but they'll come back next year.)

Now you are wondering what this all has to do with you and why I mentioned Fate in the title.

1.  If I had gone to buy the phone instead of coming right home I would have arrived in the middle of the accident.

2.  If I hadn't been home I wouldn't have called my daughter. True the phone went to voice mail, but she knew it was me, and instead of staying in the car talking to her friend she brought the boys in to me. If they hadn't rushed to get the boys to me, they would have been involved in the accident.

I was still a young psychic when I worked at the House of Zodiac. One day I couldn't find my car keys and I was a few minutes late getting to work. Sandy, one of my mentors, pointed out that those missing keys were Fates way of leading me down the road I was meant to go. 

And she was right. The road I would normally travel had a major accident on it at the time I would have been at the intersection. But because I was getting a later start I jumped on the highway.

So the next time your car keys are playing hide and go seek with you, little Bobby or Susie spills breakfast all over the dress you planned to wear to work, or you forget an important file and have to go back for it, it could be the Fates way to lead you either too your Destiny or away from a Fate that is not yours.


  1. So many lives are spared by the hands of fate, just thinking of today and all the stories we heard twelve years ago about those who were late for work or missed their flights or had a child who missed the bus...whatever the reason...dozens of lives that shoulda, coulda, woulda been lost were spared! I for one am incredibly grateful for that mixed exit on your behalf!