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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer and Clothing Choices

I was driving down Main Street the other day and I saw a young mother pushing her child in a carriage. The young woman had on a lovely black dress with a halter style neck and cutouts around the back arms and shoulder blade areas. From the front it was modest, no deep cleavage, in the back you could see most of her black bra with neon blue trim.

My thought was, "Wow! She looks great!"

Back in my day I would have had to go braless or not wear that dress." And as a young nursing mother there was no way I could go braless!

Now all you young women are wondering what the hell is this old crone is talking about.

Back in the day, most bras were utilitarian and ugly. Unless you did your shopping in a Frederick's of Hollywood catalog (only, there were no stores in the malls, and Frederick's was notorious for it's cupless bras and crotchless panties) you were stuck buying the same bras your mother and grandmother bought at the local department store.

There were no Victoria's Secret stores in the mall. There were barely any malls in those days and going to one was a major adventure in driving and shopping.

Our exterior clothes were sexy, but our "foundation" left a lot to be desired. (I find it ironic that there are erotic pictures of women in the old industrial girdles and bras plastering some sites on the internet. They never looked that good on the average woman back in the day.) There were no thongs. G-strings were something only a stripper wore. And if you did have one, you didn't advertise it by having it hang out of the back of yours jeans.

At my last occupational therapy session a woman came in for her session and the therapist complimented her on he tank top and she especially admired the way no bra straps showed. They then went into a long discussion on how horrible women looked with their bra straps showing.

Old dingy white bras look terrible, but bras now come in a wide variety of colors and strap types, 

Most tank tops come with straps ranging from halter, spaghetti, crisscross, to industrial strength. If you want to wear a bra under most tops you will end up with straps showing. 

I would rather you show your straps than your nipples. Because most summer tops will show your nipples if you do not wear a bra.

What do you think?


  1. I can't wear halters. Or strapless. I look boobless lol.

    1. To be honest, Justine, I don't think halter and strapless styles flatter anyone.

  2. Yes, I would agree, at my age I look a tad saggy without a bra on. I do have the issue of showing bra straps as it was considered in poor taste in my youth. So, I buy the clear plastic straps that work well with most interchangable bras.

    1. I remember those days well, but I thought the 80s and pretty bras went a long way to changing that. Of course, most of today's fashions would have been considered bad taste just a few years ago.

      I think the issue of thongs and underwear sticking out of pants is more distasteful. No one wants to see that. (Yuck!)

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