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Sunday, January 31, 2016

National Jigsaw Puzzle Month

January is National Jigsaw Puzzle Month. 

Why January you ask?

Because in the northern part of the northern hemisphere, it is the month we spend more time at home, in the house.

According to Barnes & Noble January is the biggest month for sales of jigsaw puzzles, although I would have thought it would be December since so many grannies like to give them for Christmas presents.

We have bad weather, school closings, and power outages. (Because of this, I tend to keep my electronics fully charged when I hear we are going to have high winds or active weather. I don't run out for milk, bread, or batteries because we already have whatever we need, and I have a deep supply of candles.)

However, jigsaw puzzles are fun and relaxing. Unlike reading, you can be in a room with other people and carry on conversations at the same time as you are trying to find that last water piece. Jigsaw puzzles can be a group activity or a solitary pursuit.

It is a major milestone in a toddlers development when he or she learns how to do puzzles.

When is the last time you sat down to put together a jigsaw puzzle.

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