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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Penny Watson

Today I am pleased to welcome Penny Watson to the Spell Room. Penny, in your honor we are having our beverages in mustache cups. I know how you love hairy men. 

Penny Watson is an author of quirky fiction, reviewer of romance novels, and lover of dachshunds, plants, and beards. (Not necessarily in that order).

She lives outside of Boston with one fly-fishing crazed husband, two lively Filipino kids, and a wiener dog.

1. You wear many different hats, which one is your favorite?

I do wear a lot of different hats. Visors. Babushkas. A winter hat that makes me look like Adrian from the original Rocky movie. And of course my gorgeous tiara.

As far as my professional hats, I love them all! Writing my stories is a kick, reviewing novels is fun, and I love chatting about promotion and social media to writers’ groups. It’s all good!

2. A little Bulldog told me you like hairy men. How long have you had this obsession and how did it start?

I blame my hairy men obsession on Pa Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie (the book, not the TV show). Remember him? He had a big, bushy beard. In fact, the first time I watched the television show with Michael Landon, I yelled “Oh no! Why doesn’t Pa have a beard?” Hee hee. That seriously peeved me off.

3. Does Marcus Anderson, your Lumberjack In Love, wear boxers or briefs?

He wears boxer briefs. There’s a fun scene in the book where Ami discovers this fine fact. :^)

4. What do you find sexy about flannel shirts?

Flannel is soft, warm, cuddly and snuggly. Just like a big hairy, muscular teddy bear of a lumberjack.

Lumberjack + Flannel Shirt = Heaven On Earth!

(If the flannel shirt is plaid, then it’s even better)

5. We make a lot of concoctions in the Spell Room and you are notorious for creating special libations. Did you bring a special little drinky poo for moi? 

In honor of my LUMBERJACK IN LOVE book, here’s a recipe for JACK ME OFF (a cocktail). Hee hee!


1 and ½ oz. Applejack brandy
½ oz. Midori melon liqueur
3 oz.7-Up or Sprite

Put brandy, melon liqueur and ice into a shaker and shake it up good, baby! Then strain into a glass and add the soda. You could serve it with small twigs as stirrers if you’d like. Enjoy!

Thanks so much, Liberty, for the fun interview!


Thank you for visiting the Spell Room, Penny. It's been fun.

Penny is graciously giving away a copy of her new book Lumberjack In Love. A wonderful book which will lift your spirits on a gray day and make you laugh. Just tell us who has the best beard you have ever seen. The contest is open until October 15th. 

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  1. I love all of Penny's books! I'm kinda hoping that she finds some more sexy lumberjacks up in the mountains for us! (Getting a little cooler the plaid flannel ready for the hubs!LOL)

  2. Thanks for the fun interview, Liberty! Damn, I look FABULOUS in that tiara...hee hee!

    picturelady129--I'm planning another lumberjack book about Marcus's younger brother....Jack. :^)

  3. YIPPY!!!!

    Oh, I forgot my bearded man...... You know, after I read this story, I googled to find me a pic of a hot, sexy mountain man to no avail...... So, I had to go back to my only standby and that is Joe Manganiello (Alcide on True Blood).... He is gorgeous and even wears plaid flannel shirts at times!

  4. Umm, Marcus's younger brothers story! What a treat to look forward to.

    I was once in love with a bearded man and when he talked about shaving his beard, I adamantly opposed it. I loved that beard for many reasons that I will not get into here! I need another "Jack Me Off" or three before I get into those details. :~}}}

    But the best beard I have ever seen belonged to my archaeology professor, Dr. Parker Potter. The first day of class he wandered in wearing mud stained overalls, earrings, dirty boots (I shudder to think about what was on them (he and his wife had a dairy farm), and the longest beard. This strangely dressed (for a college classroom) man started opening desk drawers and looking at the stuff in them, before taking some things out of his pockets and tossing them in. It wasn't until then that I realized he wasn't a vagrant but our teacher. First class lesson, never judge on appearance.

    His beard was full and went half way down his chest. The center of it, from the chin down to the tip was smooth and straight, from his constantly pulling on it, while the rest looked curly and bristly.

  5. Best beard? I have to say Ryan Gosling's beard in the movie, "The Notebook" was very nice!! Although, for artistic style and creativity, I would give my vote to Seneca Crane from "The Hunger Games" movie.

  6. Oh, Penny does wear many hats and she wears them well!

  7. Why does that lumberjack remind me of Joe Mangianello? whooppeeee - when I read it, Ill have to envision him! sounds like fun ~ fun interview and nice meeting you, Penny!!

  8. I love Penny's books. The drink sounds pretty good too. :)

  9. Marcus has a brother?? (insert jumping up and down and squeeing here)

    Penny actually introduced me to the joy that is a bearded man with her beardy photos of Richard Armitage.

    1. Excuse me, I just swooned! Richard Armitage. >>>sigh<<<

  10. Have you ever seen Gerard Butler with a beard? DAY-ummmm!