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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Valentine's Day or Galentine's Day

Once upon a time I was a cocktail waitress in a blue collar, country music bar.

It wasn't really a date night type of place, although Saturdays were when you found established couples, not the regulars who tended to take their dates somewhere else because Mr. G's was the place they went to hook up on Fridays. (They also loved Tuesdays, which was "ladies' night.")

Valentine's Day is a happy place in upscale bars, but it's very sad in a hook-up establishment. If you were in Mr. G's on Valentine's Day it was because no one cared enough to want to spend time with you, if you were a woman. And a place for desperate men who thought they were finally going to score.

There is nothing worse than a holiday that causes good women to feel the devastation they feel when they are alone on Valentine's Day, although the next day at work might be even worse if the woman at the next desk received a diamond.

It is much better since Parks and Rec created Galentine's Day. I'd rather see people celebrating friendship than watch the despair and desperation of people who are made to feel like failures because they aren't being wined and dined on a day the ancient Roman's chose as their start of spring.

It doesn't matter if you are celebrating with a lover or with friends. The most important person you need to love is yourself.

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