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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Carols

In honor of Christmas Treats:  Santa's Naughty List's release, the month of December is dedicated to Christmas Traditions. Even without Christmas Treats the month would still be dedicated to holiday traditions, but it does make a good plug.

Way back in the dark ages of my childhood, I had been a Girl Scout. Every December, we practiced singing Christmas Carols while making door wreaths from time cards and angels out of folded Reader's Digests. About a week before Santa was due, we put on our best coats, hats, and mittens and trudged all over town after dark. We sang our way up and down frozen snow covered streets. We stopped at houses we knew and belted out Oh Holy Night.

When we were through we returned to the church's community center and drank hot chocolate loaded with marshmallows. If we were really lucky there would also be homemade sugar cookies.

It was a wonderful night. We laughed. We sang. We knew Santa would be coming soon.

Do you know anyone who goes door-to-door singing Carols? Not for money, or a practical joke. Do you know anyone he sings Carols just for the joy of the season?

Perhaps this year you will gather your children or some of your friends, drive to the local senior center, and serenade the people with the old Christmas standards. 

Anyone want to hear a little White Christmas?


  1. The young people at my church go caroling and then come back for cookies and hot chocolate. I think it's a really cool idea and would love to have someone come sing outside my door.

  2. A friend of mine has a caroling party every year. I don't always make it but it's fun when I do.
    And my mother has a caroling party every year. It used to be on Christmas Eve but now it's usually 12/23. My father dresses up as Santa and brings little presents to the kids - and there's photographic evidence documenting this as far back as about 1978, which the teenaged version of me was perched awkwardly on Santa's knee. It's good times..