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Sunday, December 18, 2011

I have been a time traveler all my life, courtesy of books, television, movies, and imagination. I believe I once spent an entire decade in Regency England courtesy of books and my imagination. I have recently returned to the twenty-first century. This journey back in time was provided courtesy of a dead power cord that is the lifeline to both me and my laptop.

I don't have cable, so any show I wish to watch, I watch on-line. I communicate with my friends on-line. I write directly onto my computer.

Oh, the problems one little cord can cause!

During the week plus I spent without the outside world, I read many books (Thank heavens my NOOK still worked!) and I began knitting mittens for the todds. I now have a basket of mittens and an exhausted NOOK.

The imagination is a powerful tool. It can take you anywhere you want to go, lead you into any adventure, and you never have to spend a penny or leave the couch if you don't want to.

The holiday season is full of stress, and we often find ourselves wishing for a simpler time. Let your imagination take you there. You don't have to sit and make mittens to know the joy of an old fashioned Christmas. Let a book take you there. 

There are many fine books to choose from. I hope when you are looking for a good read you will consider Christmas Treats #1, Santa's Naughty List. My short story, Christmas Spirit is in the anthology along with stories by W. Lynn Chantale, Olivia Devereaux, and Robbi Hess. The stories have Heat (with a capital H) to keep you warm, day or night.

Christmas Spirit


Cross a Christmas phobic male with a caterer with Christmas bells on. . .can she ignite the Christmas spirit in him?


What the hell had just happened? One minute he was in heaven tasting the sweet nectar of the gods. The next the little vixen was running down the subway stairs. Harry pulled his wits together and gave chase. The turnstile wouldn't budge. He was about to jump it when a voice said, "I wouldn't if I was you. It's a serious crime to steal from the Commonwealth. Buy a pass if you want to ride the train."

Harry turned to find a T officer standing directly behind him. The man pointed a nightstick toward a row of machines. "You can get one over there in the Charlie machines."

Card in hand, he was back at the turnstile in time to see the train Elle had jumped on pulling away from the station. 

Damn. He didn't know her last name.

Available through:

You can also pick up Christmas Treats #2, Santa's Nice List  (Wonderful stories with a little less heat.)

{If you are not from Boston you may not know about Charlie and the T. The Kingston Trio made Charlie immortal when they sang this song. I hope you enjoy this extra Treat. The Charlie Card is real, and this is where the name came from.} 

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